The Centro Resine G. & G. s.r.l. is a very young company that makes dynamism its winning strength. It covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters of which 2,000 are covered.

The company is equipped with machinery and innovative structures that allow the creation of competitive products on the market. There are several sectors in which the company is present  with more important results.

Inside the Catalog it is possible to consult the innumerable sectors in which the Resin Center is present:

Polyethylene containers useful for perfect food preservation for short and long periods of time. Thanks to our products, many of the most common foods can be stored and even transported in maximum safety and comfort.
Polyethylene barrels that allow the preservation of wine without any danger of odors and flavors alteration. A perfect combination of style, thanks to the unique and elegant design, and function.
Oil has always been considered a precious good, one of the foods to be preserved with accuracy and attention. Our polyethylene containers guarantee both expectations. Available in different sizes and capacities.
Our catalogue has containers to be used for the temporary storage of liquids to be discarded at a later time.
Products and tools useful in the construction sector, equipped with all the functional features that make these items very efficient.


Thanks to a careful research and development policy, Centro Resine srl has expanded its production range in the polyethylene and fiberglass sectors.

Our goal is to affirm  our products in their market, thanks to a highly qualified and specialized staff.

The G&G Resin Center produces containers and tanks in polyethylene and fiberglass P.R.F.V. in order to preserve food products,  using cutting-edge technologies and high quality raw materials.